Sr.No. Description Tender
1 Fabrication of Sliding Gate Fabrication of Sliding Gate.pdf
2 Repairing and Colouring of Two Seater Benches with School Logo Repair of Two Seater Benches.pdf
3 Construction of Wall with School’s Name Board and School Logo Constr of Wall with Name Board.pdf
4 Pasting of artificail new geen grass at new KLP 202201090350-Artificial green grass.pdf
5 Filling of Murum, leveling, and installation of drainage line at Gate No 1 at New KLP 202201090401-Filling of Murum & Draninage Line.pdf
6 Purchase of new flower pot 202201090402-Flower Pots.pdf
7 Purchase of sanitary napkin machine and disposal machine 202201090403-Sanitary Napkins Machine.pdf
8 Quotations for Providing Text books for the new Session 202201100825-Ad on 10 Jan.pdf