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At APS Ahmednagar, we take great pride in our team of accomplished and seasoned educators. Our educators are steadfastly dedicated to upholding the highest standards of education for our students. We believe in delivering not only knowledge but also ensuring personalized attention for each and every student under our care. This unwavering commitment to excellence underscores our educational ethos.

Exemplary Infrastructure

In the realm of educational institutions, schools play a pivotal role in nurturing the citizens of tomorrow. At our institution, we firmly subscribe to the notion that a safe and secure environment serves as an indispensable prerequisite for the facilitation of effective teaching and learning.

Proficient Laboratory Resources

Our institution prides itself on maintaining an array of well-appointed laboratories, including those dedicated to physics, chemistry, biology, general science, and computer studies, among others. These advanced facilities are meticulously designed to ensure a holistic and enriching learning experience for our students.


The inception of Army Public School, Ahmednagar dates back to June 1, 1982. Subsequently, on May 1, 1984, the school secured its affiliation with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. In 1984, it was also integrated as a prestigious asset under the Army Welfare Education Society (AWES). This affiliation was established with the noble purpose of providing quality education not only to the wards of army personnel but also to those of war widows, widows, and ex-servicemen.

The school's overarching objective is to evolve into a nationally recognized center of education, characterized by exceptional effectiveness. It aspires not only to produce high-achieving students but also to groom the next generation of educators. We are dedicated to working collaboratively with parents, nurturing each student's capacity to reach their fullest potential, and helping them uncover and channel their unique interests and talents. In this pursuit, the school is committed to fostering a secure and disciplined environment that values achievement and instills a 'can-do' attitude, continuously inspiring each student to strive for their personal best."

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International Yoga Day by Primary Wing

21 Jun 24 7:20AM - 8:00AM Primary Wing Ahmednagar

Researchers have discovered that the regular practice of yoga may produce many health benefits, including increased cardiovascular fitness, improved muscular strength and normalisation of blood pressure. Yoga is a renowned antidote to stress and promotes improved sleeping patterns.

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