Transfer Certificate

14833 TC
Poonam Kanwar VI D
16207 TC
Nandini Jagannath Avhad VII C
16962 TC
Omkar Jagannath Avhad VI G
17119 TC
Pranav IV A
17659 TC
Surya Prakash V J
17660 TC
Rudra Prakash VI F
18551 TC
Priya Kanwar III F
18681 TC
Yash Satish Bagadi III G
18708 TC
Divyata IV A
18846 TC
Arush Kumar Sharma III J
19115 TC
Pranav Raosaheb Patil V H
19196 TC
Tejashwini Khedkar VI H
19247 TC
Mhaise Vaishnavi Santosh III A
Shivani IX F (Progress Card)
Shivani IX F (Registration No of IX )


14601 Sonal Gupta IX A

14601 TC Sonal Gupta IX A

14602 TC Piyush Kumar Gupta VII C

17478 TC Avishi Singh VII E

17684 TC Sruti Santosh Kaware VI C

18069 TC Anubhav Singh VIII G

18491 TC Sreya Santosh Kaware III G

18977 TC Shaik Mahaboob Ismail V I

19505 TC Akshit III E

19515 TC Nitika Tripathi V D

19746 TC Aradhya II D

20593 TC Sakshi Singh IV G

20594 TC Lakshya Pratap Singh V I

20841 TC Kaware Akash Santosh I E

16353 Aditya D Shinde

16354 Aditi D Shinde

Anushka Marksheet xth

Apoorva Marksheet xth

Nitin S Mutkule

Omkar A Andhale

Rohan Mehta

Tejas Gawali

Hemant Dhawale

Kshitija Jagtap

a) Withdrawal by Parent:

Application for T.C. must be given 15 days in advance on the prescribed form which is available in the School Office. Request for T.C. with a notice of 2 or 3 days will not be entertained.

b) Withdrawal for Poor Academic Performance:

One failure for an academic session may be condoned by permitting the student to repeat the class in which he/she fails. Students who repeat the class for a second time will not be granted admission to the School.

c) Withdrawal on Disciplinary Grounds:

The Principal may, in the interest of the School, order the withdrawal of a student from the school, should that student’s conduct, behaviour or influence, in the opinion of the Principal, be detrimental to the general discipline/interest of the School.

d) Refund of Security Deposit will be made by ACCOUNT PAYEE CHEQUE ONLY. 

The validity of the cheque will be for six months only. No claim thereafter will be entertained.